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Get Free Modeling Mic, Bitwig Studio DAW and The Analog Curator FX Bundle with every purchase of a Synergy Core Interface

Create your setup for high quality recording

Are you ready to realize your musical ideas and explore new sounds comfortably seated in your home studio?

Enter the world of imagination and fantasy of a producer with a complete set of creative tools and a quality sound equal to that of a professional recording studio that will allow you to realize your every idea at the highest quality levels.
You have everything you need close at hand. Try using the largest selection of plugins that simulate analog outboards, vintage microphone emulations and the expressiveness of virtual instruments. Test your ideas as many times as you want, we give you the tools, you shape your imagination.

Synergy Core Audio audio interfaces.

Free yourself from the time constraints of an external recording studio and enjoy yourself in your studio with the highest quality sound.
Discrete component preamps and clocking technologies work on your sound, while routing and the control panel allow you to freely make any configuration of your studio setup. Everything else is up to you.

The Analog-Modeled collection

Each Synergy Core interface comes with a large collection of analog modeling plugins. Use the effects of the synergy core platform following your imagination, you will be able to simultaneously open in one session all the instances you need with zero latency.
Your music production must have no limits.

Here are the promotions bundled with the Synergy core interfaces:

What does it include:

Edge Solo condenser microphone with modeling technology

The single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone is adaptable to a wide range of recording scenarios and stands out with its refined sound. Try recording a few notes with the modeling microphone and let yourself be carried away by the power of improvisation.

Emulation of 18 vintage microphones

Explore a new approach to your recording sessions and create the right environment for your artist using the emulation of a vintage microphone. Emulated microphones are among the most iconic and used in productions in the world, your artists will love their sound.

Bitwig Studio 3

The cross-platform DAW is for anyone who dares to be creative and has a knack for experimentation. With a large variety of sound design tools and plugins, more than 3000 sounds and factory presets, this innovative software is also extremely effective and flexible in audio editing.
Control the beat or let it flow with Bitwig Studio.

The Analog Curator FX bundle

The Analog Curator FX Bundle Add 5 plugins to your setup that recall the sonic essence of the sumptuous units on which they were modeled. Combine them into a signal chain and apply their prestigious sound from the last few decades to any impromptu jam session. Record or edit on the fly when you have the right inspiration using the tape machine, tube mic preamp, tube graphic equalizer, stereo bus, and knee compressors.


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How does it work

  1. Buy a Synergy Core audio interface.
  2. Your Edge Solo will be shipped 30 days after you activate your interface and fill in the shipping address form that will be sent to you.
  3. The real-time plugins and the The Analog Curator FX Bundle will be automatically added to your user account and will be available to use in the Control Panel.
  4. Shortly after activating the interface, you will receive an email with a serial number for the full version of Bitwig Studio*. After registration in the Bitwig website, you will be able to download the software and activate Bitwig Studio.

*The license for Bitwig Studio includes 12 months of free upgrades. It is part of the special offer and as such it can’t be resold as a stand-alone. It is a part of the special offer and as such cannot be resold separately.
NB: the above mechanism does not apply to b-stock or previously activated units.

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