Big news for the world of preamps: Neumann introduces its V 402

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Discover the True Voice of Your Microphones

Neumann announces the launch of its new V402: state-of-the-art 2-channel microphone preamp with DI inputs and a superb quality headphone amplifier.

Type of sound

Several decades have passed since Neumann’s last preamp, the colossal V476b still widely used, so this release marks a very important step for the brand in question, eager to take the next step in the preamp domain for too long.

The V402 has been designed mainly to give the maximum from the sound point of view: it is able to amplify the microphone signal without additional smears or sound artifacts (eg distortion or external noise). Although most of the preamps that we find on the market today call themselves “linear” and “neutral”, none can really match Neumann’s performance.

The engineering of the V402 is very specific and detailed, which is why, before releasing it, the article in question was subjected to several listening tests to ascertain its flawless performance; the sound inputs are designed for the purity of the sound of electric guitars and basses while preserving the original sound of them, without altering their colors.

A switchable 20dB pad allows the V402 to be used with high-level sources up to 28dBu without distortion. The “high pass” function has been thoughtfully designed to remove “pops and rumble” while leaving the signal intact.


  • Dual channel state-of-the-art transformerless microphone preamp
  • Two studio quality instrument inputs with very high impedance
  • Switchable low cut removes rumble without signal degradation
  • Exceptionally clean headphone amplifier
  • Easy monitoring mix with volume control for each channel
  • Handmade in Germany

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