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Showcase of modular synthesis organized by Killing Toys Roma, tones red and green white.

Killing Toys Roma is pleased to present a day dedicated entirely to the world of the modular synthesizer “made in italy”.

MADE IN ITALY ” has always been a symbol of quality, control, refinement; A brand that has always emphasized a factor of excellence in Italian craftsmanship in the eyes of the whole world.

Today, modular Synth builders are re-emphasizing this excellence and for this reason we are honored to host the NATIONAL FIRST EVENT that unites the Italian Eurorack Format Synthesizers manufacturers !


Saturday, November 12, 2016 , starting at 14:00 , the showroom will be open to give musicians the chance to try, tap, and preview The latest Italian news from the Eurorack world.

During the event, Killing Toys Roma staff and present producers will make available pre-installed and set up locations to experience the sound of the eurorack Italian brands.


Entrance is free but the showroom can accommodate up to a maximum of people, so you are required to confirm your participation by writing to info@milkaudiostore.com and indicating Name, Last name, Telephone and eMail.

Eurorack Made In Italy
12 Novembre 2016 – h. 14:00

Killing Toys Roma
via F. Sabatini, 10 – 00135 Rome (Italy)


for info:
06 3050128



arrel-audio-logoArrel Audio

ARREL Audio Was founded by professionals with long experience in the professional audio industry and by professionals working in the academic and technological academic world with a solid background in analog and digital design but being musicians involved in various professional artistic activities. One of the two founders is Livio Argentini, an Italian designer of analog design since the 1950s. His apparatuses are still in use today in several recording studios in Italy and abroad.
ARREL Audio was founded to complement Livio Argentini’s experience in designing analogue professional systems with the latest digital technologies derived from academic research. The best of future audio technology will be based on analog signal processing but this treatment will increasingly be supported by modern digital technologies. ARREL Audio’s primary goal is to transfer emerging electronic technologies from the world of search to visionary and innovative concept audio products.

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frap-logoFrap Tools

Frap Tools is a renowned eurorack brand for the quality and care of the details of its products. After UNO, the world’s best foldable eurorack case, and after presenting NAMM 2016 a patented line of expansive modular homes to facilitate entry into the eurorack world, and the new high performance SILTA powered with SoundMachines, Frap Tools has Just announced a high-fidelity creative mixer line called CGM, which will be available from July 2016.

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GRP SynthesizersGrp Synthesizer

Grp Synthesizer is a newly established Italian company that designs and builds high-end analog synthesizers.
Fully assembled by hand, Grp Synthesizer products are the right combination of technology and craftsmanship, worthy of the best tradition of electronic liuteria.
For us it is important to keep the sound and design characteristics constant over time in order to make synthesizer synthesizers unique and to maintain high quality even for future entry level models.
Business philosophy aims to project these commitments into work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

qosmo modularQosmo Modular

Qosmo Modular is a small scale manufacturer of high quality synthesizer modules, based in Rome (Italy). The idea to build synthesizers came to the first time years ago thanks to a first collaboration between a computer engineer and several musicians of the electronic scene in Rome. From initial ideas begin to emerge some demands from the musicians, as embodied in the range of modules offered by Qosmo.
The key concepts are very simple: to have robust and durable modules with features that are inspired by the classic modular synthesizer but with a sound that is fat and full-bodied. Plus, keep everything as simple as possible, but without sacrificing functionality.
The choice of using THT components may seem old-fashioned these days, but this allows to have the maximum reliability in terms of thermal and mechanical stresses. Furthermore we can keep under control the entire manufacturing process, from design to assembly.
Modules are available in eurorack format with a beatiful aluminum panel with silver finish. All the components are high quality and selected from the best brands on the market.





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