Compressors, technologies and applications in comparison (Free Seminar)

Compressors, technologies and applications in comparison (Free Seminar)

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Analogue Compressors-Free Entrance Workshop

How to Use an analogue Compressor

Using an analog compressor (or dynamic processor), in hardware format, in the Era Of The ‘Mix in the Box‘ allows us to ‘make‘ a recording as we have never imagined..
The analogue compressors give a value added to the sound and manage to return ‘naturalness‘ is ‘warmth‘ to the most difficult to handle sounds and the coldest mixes.
As with any analog hardware, even the choice of the compressor should be done carefully in order to achieve the perfect balance between analog outboard and digital processors.

On April, 1st 2019 we will deepen the main technologies used in the dynamics processors, essential for every modern production;
We will Compare and explain the Variable-Mu, Optical, VCA and Fet, trying to understand what drives the choice of the sound engineer towards a compressor or the other.

ALL Compressors (digital or analogue) can be used for the most varied reasons, for practical or artistic needs, but how do you choose the most suitable compressor for any type of sound?

  • Which compressor should be used on the vocals? And why?
  • Which compressor should be used on the bass guitar?
  • On the Master bus?

The Workshop will be an opportunity to answer all these questions, listen and compare various outboards chosen among the most used brands in record productions, such as Retro Instruments and API.

Milk Audio Store, and its staff, are pleased to collaborate again With the Master in Sound Engineering Of TheUniversity of Tor Vergata, born to create culture and train professionals who can grow in the world of Audio production and post-production.

Milk Audio Store

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We have chosen to offer every musician, producer or listener all our experience, putting us in the forefront in the search for the highest audio quality.

Date: April, 1 2019
Timing: 14:00-18:00
Venue: Aula Convegni – Faculty of Engineering

Viale del Politecnico, 1 / 00153 Rome (RM)

Phone: +39 06 3050128



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The Dynamics Processors

The compressors are the most important processors in the hands of a sound engineer. They can dictate the good and bad weather of a mix…

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