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Promo Antelope: Audio Interface + Edge Solo

From Feb 8, we are bundling our Edge Solo modelling microphone with three of our finest and most acclaimed audio interfaces – Discrete 8, Orion Studio 2017, and Zen Tour. Combining lifelike, latency-free microphone and effects modelling with high-end preamps, clocking and conversion, each bundle offers a dream recording studio at bargain price!

Products included in the campaign are as follows:
Discrete 8 Basic + Edge Solo
Orion Studio 2017 + Edge Solo
Zen Tour + Edge Solo

Promo period for end-users:
08.02.2019 – 31.03.2019 or until depletion of stock.

Antelope Discrete 8 + Edge Solo

Antelope Orion Studio 2017 + Edge Solo

Antelope Zen Tour + Edge Solo

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