Eurorack Sequencer – Free Workshop

Eurorack Sequencer – Free Workshop

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Eurorack Sequencer – Workshop at Fonderie Sonore – Rome

Killing Toys Roma and Fonderie Sonore present a series of appointments dedicated to the world of analog and modular synthesizers of eurorack format.

The Eurorack systems, which have been in Italy for some years now with revisions of the old systems (eg Buchla, Moog), today bring the musician into symbiosis with the synthesizer himself, leaving him with infinite sound possibilities.

3:00 pm – Fonderie Sonore – Roma

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SEQUENCER is one of the most important elements of the modular system, choosing the right one according to your needs can be difficult because of the many brands availables.

That is why in this day we will analyze and test the best sequencers on the market, from the Cartesians to the more classic, to guide you on the most appropriate choice.

Make Noise – RENE’:


Intellijel – METROPOLIS:

Xaoc Devices – MOSKWA:

Mutable Instruments – GRIDS:



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Sequencer Eurorack - Workshop a Fonderie Sonore - Roma

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