Make Noise Mimeophon available by the end of November

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The latest creation of Make Noise, the new Mimeophon, a stereo module with reverb and delay, available by the end of November.

Make Noise Mimeophon, announced at the Super Booth 2019, will finally be available by the end of November in the Milk Audio Store Showroom.

The module, designed by Tom Erbe, is a stereo effect that cannot be missing in the eurorack systems of every musician.

The eurorack effect includes in the same module a delay section that can be synchronized to the master clock with integrated repeater and looper and a reverb section complete with a COLOR control to characterize the sound timbre

Each parameter of the module can be controlled in voltage with CV control, for a perfect integration with your Eurorack system.

Mimeophone is also enriched by special creative functions such as the “ZONE” control, which varies the time between the repetitions of the delay, the SKEW control that allows you to range the repetitions on the stereo panorama and the FLIP control that generates a “reverse” on the repetitions.

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