Modular synthesis – the future is Eurorack

Modular synthesis – the future is Eurorack

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Modular synthesis in Eurorack format changes the world of music production.

Davide Ricci from KillingToys Roma

May, 5 2017 – 10:30 am – Tor Vergata University – Rome

Sound design, composition and live music have undergone a radical change thanks to the return of modular synthesis and the use of eurorack synthesizers, which we find today in most production studios.

Appeared in Italy for some years now with revisions of old systems (eg Buchla, Moog) today bring the musician to enter into symbiosis with the synthesizer himself by letting it be carried by infinite sound possibilities.
Together we will discover:

  • The evolution of eurorack systems
  • How to assemble an eurorack synthesizer
  • The components of an analog synthesizer
  • The path of the audio signal
  • Testing and listening to some eurorack modules

The last part of the seminar on modular synthesizers will allow you to touch the synths brought to the event with your hand.
For more information you can write to:
Tor Vergata University – Via del Politecnico 1 / Leonardo room
10:30 am
May, 5 2017

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