New Tiptop effects

New Tiptop effects

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Tiptop Audio launches three new effect modules: ZVERB, ECHOZ and Z5000

Tiptop Audio has announced three new effect modules in Eurorack format, which will soon be available on our website and in our Rome store.

ZVERB, ECHOZ and Z5000 are stereo effect modules with DSP assembled in a compact 8HP panel.

Even in just 8 Hp of space, all the controls are immediately available intuitively thanks to a clear labeling, which makes them fast, comfortable and easy to use.

Each button provides access to a desk that collects different types of effects up to a maximum of 24 per module.

The effects of ZVERB, ECHOZ and Z5000 are the result of the experience and careful selection of the algorithms present in the Tiptop library perfected over 10 years for the multi-effect Z-DSP module.

Mentre gli algoritmi degli effetti giocano un ruolo importante nel far suonare i moduli in modo unico, ciò che rende il suono caldo e ricco è il circuito di clock analogico interno che guida il chip DSP. With ZVERB, ECHOZ and Z5000, Tiptop Audio effects have never been so accessible.




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