Roma Modulare 2019

Roma Modulare 2019

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Roma Modulare 2019

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International Synthesizers Expo

We are pleased to welcome you to the 5th edition of RomaModulare, the most important Italian event dedicated to Modular Synthesizers, electronic music and professional audio production.

The aim of the event is to create a place that is a meeting and reference point for professionals to highlight the best products and makers in the world of synthesis with a careful focus on Eurorack Modules, a format that is dominating the modular synthesizer market, triggering an exponential growth of new producers worldwide.

You can attend a unique exhibition of Modular Synth, Desktop and Keyboard inside the Klang club. Saturday 7 December 2019, starting at 10:00 am the Klang will be open and available to musicians and the curious. It will be possible to try, touch and listen to all the latest news provided by the most renowned brands. During the event you will also be able to attend workshops conducted by recognized Eurorack experts who will guide you to discover the most sought-after synthesizers on the market.

Following live and showcase of international electronic music artists all accompanied by good food and craft beers of the Klang.

December, 7th 2019 – h. 10:00 am 10:00
Roma – Via Stefano Colonna, 9
+39 06 3050128

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