AMS Neve 1073 OPX

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New 8-channel microphone preamplifier based on the legendary 1073

AMS Neve launches a new 8-channel microphone preamplifier. The 1073 OPX offers eight 1073 preamp channels at a great price, and with Dante and USB connections (via optional card) brings the Neve sound into the future.
The preamplifier can be remotely controlled, through an application that allows you to change each parameter and offers a complete recall.

The analogue side has all the features we are used to, and more:

  • 70 dB gain on the microphone input
  • Marinair transformers on input
  • A brand new Class A DI transformerless input
  • Gain control in 1 dB steps and digital display
  • Complete remote control of each function, with the possibility of recall
  • Balanced Monitor Out and headphone amplifier with the possibility of zero latency monitoring

The real novelty, however, is in the optional Digital I/O card, which offers USB and Dante connectivity and transforms the 1073 OPX into a stand-alone sound card that can be used or integrated into a larger system. By connecting the preamp via USB, we will have 8-channel conversion on input and two output channels (balanced or via headphones output).
The Dante connection is even more versatile, allowing you to insert the preamplifier in a very complex Dante system, with all the advanced routing possibilities that this entails.
The 1073 OPX is on sale at the price of € 4,230 including VAT, the optional card at the price of € 1,120. Very interesting the launch bundle, which includes the preamplifier plus the digital card for € 4,940.

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