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    • Mutable Instruments Rings

       299,00 incl.VAT

      A digital, voltage controllable resonator very well suited for creating Physical Modeling sounds.

    • Mutable Instruments Stages

       295,00 incl.VAT

      ASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, LFO, 4-step sequence or switched LFO: Stages can be any kind of modulation

    • Mutable Instruments Ripples

       169,00 incl.VAT

      Analog, resonant and voltage controllable multi mode filter

    • Mutable Instruments Warps

       219,60 incl.VAT

      Warps is designed to blend and combine two audio signals

    • Mutable Instruments Elements

       530,70 incl.VATOfferta  483,00 incl.VAT

      Elements is a full-blown synthesis voice based on modal synthesis – an under-appreciated flavour of physical modelling synthesis with a strange and abstract feel. Elements…

    Mutable Instruments - Eurorack Modules

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