Microphone Preamplifiers

Best Microphone preamplifiers rack-mount and 500 Series Format.

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    • Neve 1073 DPX

       3.635,00 incl.VAT

      Stereo Channel Strip with Microphone preamplifier and Equalizer

    • Dizengoff Audio DA4

       999,00 incl.VATOfferta  649,00 incl.VAT

      Valve mic preamp EMI REDD style

    • Dizengoff Audio DA2

       999,00 incl.VATOfferta  649,00 incl.VAT

      Valve mic preamp RCA style

    • Rupert Neve Shelford Channel

       3.549,00 incl.VAT

      Channel strip with Mic pre, Induction EQ and Diode Bridge Compressor

    • Rupert Neve 5017 Mobile Pre/DI/Compressor con Variphase

       1.220,00 incl.VAT

      Stereo portable channel strip with preamp, DI and compressor

    • Rupert Neve Portico II Channel

       3.550,00 incl.VAT

      2U Channel strip with Input, Texture, EQ and Compressor

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