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    • Switchcraft ECPPKG

       2,93 incl.VAT

      Blind panel for wall-plates and stage box

    • Switchcraft 228

       7,32 incl.VAT

      Mono Jack Flat angle Connector

    • Switchcraft 11

       3,17 incl.VAT

      Chassis Mono Jack Connector – Open Frame

    • Switchcraft E3FSCBAU

       5,12 incl.VAT

      Female XLR Chassis connector – Gold

    • Switchcraft EHRJ45P5E

       10,74 incl.VAT

      Ethernet CAT 5e Chassis Connector

    • Switchcraft E3MSCBAU

       5,12 incl.VAT

      Male XLR Chassis connector – Gold

    Connectors from the best brands: Switchcraft, Neutrik, Signex.
    We always want to guarantee the highest quality of the audio signal without degradation, both for use in the recording studio or live and for the setup of high fidelity systems.

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