Oscillators for Eurorack synthesizers

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    • Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

       170,00 incl.VAT

      Multifunctional module with 60 algorithms for processing and generating audio and CV signals

    • Mutable Instruments Rings

       299,00 incl.VAT

      A digital, voltage controllable resonator very well suited for creating Physical Modeling sounds.

    • Cwejman VCO-6

       498,00 incl.VAT

      With the VCO-6 Cwejman offers an oscillator that gives you access to all waveforms simultaneously. Furthermore, besides exponenetial FM it offers linear FM, a feature…

    • Acidlab M303

       300,00 incl.VAT

      Modular synthesizer-voice of the 303 with VCO, VCF, VCA and ENV. The analogue circuits are the same that are used in the original.

    • Make Noise DPO

       599,00 incl.VAT

      a voltage controlled oscillator designed for generating complex waveforms

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