Behringer Neutron (used)

Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Desktop

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  • 3340 analog dual oscillator paraphonic synthesizer for insanely rich music creation
  • Analog signal path based on legendary VCO design to recreate classic performance
  • Semi-modular architecture with predefined paths that does not require patching
  • Seamless waveform oscillator control between 5 shapes (tone mod, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, sine)
  • Independent pulse width / tone mod control provides ultimate sounds
  • Paraphonic mode allows you to individually control both oscillators
  • Self-oscillating, multimode VCF with dual output (e.g. LP + HP available on jack)
  • 2 analog ADSR generators for VCF and VCA modulation
  • Multi-stage analog delay based on legendary BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) technology
  • Flexible LFO with five waveforms, MIDI clock synchronization and key sync
  • The noise generator greatly expands waveform generation
  • The Overdrive circuit adds warmth and an analog touch to your sounds
  • 36 controls and 7 buttons allow direct and real-time access to all parameters
  • Utility functions including attenuators, multiples, slew rate limiter and summers for creative patches
  • 32 in / 24 out matrix for an incredible amount of patching possibilities
  • Powerful headphone output with dedicated level control
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Full USB / MIDI implementation for connection to keyboard / sequencer
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Behringer Neutron (used)

Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Desktop

What’s red, has two oscillators and 56 patch points, and gobs of attitude? The Behringer Neutron semi-modular analog synth offers seemingly no end to the delightful sonic mischief you can patch your way into. With a duo of punchy morphable-waveform oscillators and generous modulation options, this standalone/Eurorack duophonic synthesizer delivers searing leads that’ll strip the paint off club walls, and massive basses that will blow them down. From mesmerizing celestial pads to blippy extraterrestrials, Neutron has you covered. For sonic expression, CV (control voltage) is where it’s at, and the Neutron offers full access. With its sizable patchbay, you can forge your own completely unique signature sounds and set yourself apart from the pack — even if the pack is geared up with Neutrons!

Flexibility on par with many fully modular synths

Behringer’s Neutron is a semi-modular synth, which means it features a normalled signal path that will produce sound without any patching. But when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get serious, start throwing patches and let the creativity begin. Where most semi-modulars offer some degree of patchability, Neutron’s 56-point patchbay offers flexibility on par with many fully modular synthesizers. In essence, you’re wiring up the signal paths of your synth, overriding the manufacturer’s choices with patch cords that can connect to patch points within the instrument, or externally to other gear.

Value-packed analog beast

An original design from Behringer and the propellerheads at Midas in England, Neutron is an all-analog beast; even the onboard delay is a BBD (Bucket Brigade Device). The voltage-controlled oscillators use the reissued Curtis CEM3340 chip — originally deployed in classic 1970s synthesizers such as the OBXa, OBSx, OB8, SH101, Jupiter6, and Prophet5. Legendary company, indeed. Sweetwater’s advice: Behringer’s Neutron sounds tremendous and offers a mind-boggling degree of sonic versatility. Plus, it’s an incredible value. And it’s red. Don’t even think about it — you need it.


  • Type: Semi-modular Synth
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Polyphony: Paraphonic
  • Oscillators: 2 x 3340 Analog Oscillators
  • Waveforms: Square, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sine, Tone Mod
  • Noise Generator: Yes
  • Envelope Generator: 2 x Analog ADSR
  • LFO: 1 x LFO (sine, triangle, saw, square, ramp down)
  • VCA: Yes
  • Filter: 12 dB State Variable Filter, Highpass/Bandpass/Lowpass Mode Switch
  • Sample and Hold: Rate, Glide
  • Effects Types: Overdrive Circuit
  • Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/4″ (main)
  • Analog Outputs: 1 x 1/4″ (main), 1 x 1/4″ (headphones)
  • MIDI I/O: In/Thru/USB
  • Other I/O: 56 x Patch Points (32 in x 24 out)
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • Power Supply: External AC adapater
  • Height: 3.7″
  • Width: 16.69″
  • Depth: 5.35″
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.


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