Buchla 281h Dual Function Generator

2 independent envelope generators with VC attack and deca

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Buchla 281h Dual Function Generator

2 independent envelope generators with VC attack and deca

281h is the little brother of the 281e. Only half the size, this module offers only two instead of four function generators. The 200e typical possibility to save settings was of course not lost.

The module consists of two identical function generators, which can work independently or dependent on each other. Each function generator can be used either as Attack/Decay envelope, Attack/Hold/Decay envelope or as LFO. Attack and decay times are CV-controllable and also determine the LFO frequency in cyclic mode.

In quadrature mode, functions A and B can be used with a 90 degree phase shift. When the attack time of A is over, the function is held and the attack phase of function B begins. When it is finished, it is held and the decay phase of A begins. If this is also finished, function B starts the decay phase. If quadrature mode is activated, the signal at output B is the OR-te signal of output A and output B. In other words, the highest voltage of the two envelopes is output. In 281e, the signal strength with which signal B enters this circuit can be controlled on the user interface. With the 281h this can still be changed, but only by a trimpoi on the back of the module. The factory setting is well suited for classic ADSR imitations.

In combination with the preset manager of the 206e and 225e modules, all parameters can be stored and recalled.

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