Elysia skulpter 500

Preamplifier with DI Input and dynamic control – 500 Series

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Elysia skulpter 500

Preamplifier with DI Input and dynamic control – 500 Series

Just Another Preamp? Far from It.

The elysia skulpter 500 is the ultimate recording front end. Its audiophile preamp is based on single resistors controlling a fully discrete Class-A amplifier capable of complementing any microphone with a remarkably true and natural sound. If additional mojo is needed, two variable saturation/filter stages and an intelligent onboard compressor make voices and instruments sound like a finished record right from the start.

A Complete Channel

Whether clean or colored, the sonic bliss does not stop at your mic locker. The elysia skulpter 500 provides a balanced DI input with significant headroom, so just about any signal coming from guitars, basses, synths and effects will benefit greatly from the elysia skulpter 500’s pristine amplification and versatile processing qualities.

Way more than just a preamp, the elysia skulpter 500 is a complete recording solution – everything you’ll ever need in front of your DAW.


Total gain range
3 – 65 dB in 1.5/2 dB steps

Frequency response
@ 3 dB gain: 10 Hz – 170 kHz (-3 dB)
@ 29 dB gain: 10 Hz – 170 kHz (-3 dB)

@ +6 dBu out level, 3 dB gain, 20 Hz – 22k Hz: 0.007%
@ +6 dBu out level, 29 dB gain, 20 Hz – 22 kHz: 0.007%

Noise floor
@ 3 dB gain, 20 Hz – 20 kHz (A-weighted): -97 dBu
@ 29 dB gain, 20 Hz – 20 kHz (A-weighted): -93 dBu

Common Mode Rejection Ratio
@ +6 dBu out level, 29 dBu gain, 1 kHz: 87 dB
@ +6 dBu out level, 29 dBu gain, 10 kHz: 69 dB

Maximum level
Mic Input: 19 dBu
DI Input: 19 dBu
Output: 21 dBu

Mic Input: 13.6 kohm
DI Input: 1 megohm
Output: 62 ohm

Power Consumption
Total: 116 mA


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