Frap Tools CGM Stereo Channel (SC)

Single-channel stereo module for the CGM Eurorack mixe

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  • Versatile Signal Flow
  • Voltage-Controlled VCA with Saturation
  • Mono/Stereo Direct Output
  • Two Voltage-Controlled Effect Sends
  • Voltage-Controlled Pan/Crossfade
  • Mute, Solo-in-place and PFL
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SKU: 58509
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SKU: 58509 Categories: , ,
SKU: 58509

Frap Tools CGM Stereo Channel (SC)

Single-channel stereo module for the CGM Eurorack mixe

The Stereo Channel is a single-channel stereo module for the CGM Eurorack mixer, fully compatible with every other product of this family.

Thanks to its advanced I/O configuration, it can work as stereo-to-stereo, mono-to-mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo-to-mono.

The gain control and the two mono FX sends can work in pre or post-fader mode, and the panpot can also work as a dual mono crossfader, making it suitable for blending two mono sources into a single mono sum.

All the parameters are voltage-controllable for creative mixing automation.

Mechanical mute, PFL, and Solo-in-Place complete the feature set suitable both for studio and live performances.

Versatile Signal Flow

Thanks to a flexible I/O semi-normalization pattern, you can use the SC in other ways than stereo. You can patch a mono signal and record it in stereo straight after the VCA to track the voltage-controlled panning, or blend two mono sources into one, and more.

Voltage-Controlled VCA with Saturation

The Channel module features two amplitude controls: an input VCA and a volume fader. The input VCA is voltage-controllable and, if the signal has enough amplitude, it can overdrive the circuit with a creamy, fat saturation. A peak LED tells when the signal is clipping, but don’t fear cranking it up!

Mono/Stereo Direct Output

An output allows you to take the channel output for parallel processing or multitrack recording. You can choose to work pre-fader (straight after the input VCA) or post-fader (with the main fader affecting the signal’s amplitude). The outputs are semi-normaled: use just the left output for a mono sum, and both channels for a stereo signal.

Two Voltage-Controlled Effect Sends

The yellow and green knobs are two effect sends levels. They can work pre- or post-fader, and they can be voltage-controlled for expressive and creative results.

Voltage-Controlled Pan/Crossfade

The Pan knob defines the stereo placement of the sound, which you can voltage-control as well. The Pan/Crossfade switch lets you use the SC as a dual mono mixer, blending two mono signals into a mono output. When in Crossfade mode, the pan pot controls the balance of the two inputs.

Mute Button

The mute button allows you to remove a channel from the group sum with a click. The mute function works over the input VCA, so it will also mute the effect sends.

Solo-In-Place Switch

The Solo-In-Place switch lets you prepare a “scene” of channels to be isolated from the other ones, and then recall it through the Safe Solo switch on the Group module. It can be seen as a mute group function that allows you to mute all the channels outside the solo scene with a click.

PFL Button

Push the PFL button and rotate the PFL fader on the master module to preview a channel: it’s convenient for tuning your oscillators or checking if everything is ok before bringing whatever sound source into the mix.


  • 6HP
  • 38 mm deep
  • 70 mA +12V – 45 mA -12V

38 mm



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