Intellijel Noise Random Tools 1U

It’s a noise generator and random voltage generator 1U

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SKU: 23691
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SKU: 23691 Categories: ,
SKU: 23691

Intellijel Noise Random Tools 1U

It’s a noise generator and random voltage generator 1U

Add some chaos to your order. At its core Noise Tools generates pulses and a noise signal, these provide the normalled signals for a sample/track and hold circuit and a slew circuit. Patch in your own signal to break the normals, we’re sure you have some ideas.

A Toolbox Full Of Surprises

Though many consider noise to be an undesirable and unwanted nuisance, synthesists know its value as a source of breathy nuance, crackling sizzle, chaotic roars and subtle silkiness. When applied effectively, it can add that touch of the unexpected and the random, which brings a patch to life.

Noise Tools provides this essential dose of randomness in three blocks. First is a Pulse output, switchable between a steady clock or a random flurry of gates. Second is a sample and hold circuit. Third is a slew limiter. The blocks feed each other from left to right, but feature inputs to break this normalling, providing a useful balance of functionality and flexibility.


  • Clock and Random pulse source with adjustable rate.
  • Analog pink and white noise source with very accurate spectrum.
  • Analog sample / track and hold with very low voltage droop.
  • Analog slew with adjustable slew rate.


  • Width 22HP
  • Depth 29mm
  • Power 30mA @ 12V
    30mA @ -12V
  • Manual Manual (2018.09.13)

29 mm



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