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The slightly larger brother of the Dixie II

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The slightly larger brother of the Dixie II is built around the same triangle core yet it has some additional features which make it more versatile. Octave switch, a fine tune control, control of PWM intensity, enhanced FM section and one special inverting sync input.
So, if you’re looking for a full-fledged primary oscillator – here it is!
The oscillator frequency is set by a eight-position octave switch, a fine tune control and by a switch selecting between LFO and audio rates.
For modulating the frequency by CVs there are a 1V/octave input, the exponential FM2 input as well as another FM input with scalable modulation intensity and which can be used wither as a linear or exponential FM input.
The initial pulse width is adjusted with the PWM control between 10% and 90%. Via the attenuated PWM input it can be modulated by a ±5V control voltage from 0% to 100%.
Oscillator synchronisation can be done in two different ways: SYNC resets the VCO to zero when the input wave crosses zero; via FLIP the oscillator changes its direction of travel.
Besides the four standard waveforms sine, triangle, pulse and sawtooth there’s also a zigzag wave and a sub-oscillator which outputs a pulse with 50% duty cycle, swinging one octave below.


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