Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan

Four channels VCA with voltage control of level and panorama position

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SKU: 339

Each Verbos Verbos module has it’s own approach and so does the four-channel mixer Scan & Pan, of course with the help of discrete transistors.
Four channels with voltage control of level and panorama position my be usual features, but an extraordinary one is the voltage controlled scanning between the channels (like in the mixer section of the Harmonic Oscillator).
Each channel has a mono input and a gain control. The level can be set manually with a fader and modulated by a CV. Furthermore there’s a panning function with a manual potentiometer for determinig the channel’s panorama position and a CV input for modulating it.
In the dark highlighted, right part of the module we find the L and R outputs as well as the scanning function:
The “Center” parameter is used for selecting a channel, while “width” also selects the adjacent channels. For instance if channel 2 was selected with center control and remain static if is possible to fade in and out chennels 1 and 3 (or even 4).
It can be interesting to use this function with different wave forms of an oscillator but also with totally different signals. It can be even more exciting if the channels have different panorama positions which means the channels which are faded in appear in different stereo field positions.


26 mm



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