XAOC Devices Zagrzeb

Stereo Four Pole VC Filter

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  • All-analog design
  • Stereo, four-pole state variable filter
  • Five frequency responses, three available simultaneously
  • 24dB/oct low pass and 24dB/oct high pass filtering
  • No LF drop at high resonance
  • Mono to stereo image effect
  • Voltage controlled stereo spread
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SKU: 56591
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SKU: 56591 Categories: , ,
SKU: 56591

XAOC Devices Zagrzeb

Stereo Four Pole VC Filter

Zagrzeb is a stereo multimode 4-pole (24dB/oct) state variable voltage-controlled filter (SV VCF). It offers five distinct frequency responses, three of which are available simultaneously. Zagrzeb is designed to sound smooth and clean unless it is overdriven with a hot signal—however, it does not lack character! We believe it will be appreciated by fans of old Japanese synthesizers but bear in mind that Zagrzeb is not a clone of any existing design.

The four-pole state variable structure is a new development and offers unique sonic characteristics. While Zagrzeb is designed for filtering stereo signals (e.g. samples or stereo oscillators like Xaoc Odessa), it can easily handle mono signals and is capable of creating a faux stereo pair thanks to a special phase shifting network at the input.


  • Eurorack synth compatible
  • 8hp, skiff friendly
  • Current draw: +70mA / –60mA
  • Reverse power protection


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