“Positive Feedback” per le SCM19AT
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Michael Wechsberg racconta la sua fantastica esperienza di ascolto di ATC SCM19AT nella recensione scritta sul magazine online “Positive Feedback”.

A seguire un breve estratto della sua esperienza:

“…also takes a company with diverse engineering expertise to cover electronics, mechanics, electro-mechanics, and other disciplines and this is rare. ATC clearly has the engineering talent required as they have been in business over 40 years and producing active speakers for many of them. The SCM19ATs are a wonderful advancement in the state of the art of active loudspeakers. You could easily spend three times as much on comparable separate components and not do as well. I strongly encourage you to seek out the ATCs and give them a listen.”

Michael Wechsberg | Positive Feedback 09-06-2016 | | Issue 87.

A questo link è possibile leggere l’intero articolo:

SCM19AT senza griglia

SCM19AT senza griglia

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