Hi-Fi Choice: Recensione del SCM40A & CDA2 Mk2

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Hi-Fi Choice: Recensione del SCM40A & CDA2 Mk2

Hi-Fi Choice ha recensito SCM40A loudspeakers attivi, e il nuovo CDA2 Mk2 CD/DAC/Pre.

Qui un piccolo assaggio di quello che il recensore, Ed Selly, pensa di questo sistema:

“And the bass… the low end on offer here is exquisite.”

“It takes a little time to appreciate quite how good it is because it is so natural and unobtrusive, but it allows this system to demonstrate truly lovely tonality…”

“It is comfortably one of the very best imlimentations of active speakers I have had the pleasure of spending any time with”

Ed Selly, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2018.

Per leggere la recensione completa clicca su SCM40A & CDA2 Mk2 System Review, Hi-Fi Choice, June 2018

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