HTS40 System: Best Buy

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Home Cinema Choice ha premiato l’HTS40 & HTS7 system come ‘Best Buy’ nell’edizione di Agosto della rivista.

Qui in breve riportiamo le loro impressioni:

“When K enters Sapper Morton’s apartment in Blade Runner 2049 (Blu-ray), the various Foley effects amid the near silence of the room are beautifully conveyed. The squeak of floorboards and the bubbling of the pot on the stove are perfectly placed and worked into the mix. They don’t leap out at you because they sound absolutely and unambiguously right…There is simply no clue as to where one speaker’s activity ends and another begins. A good turn of the volume dial helps their performance expand in scale, but even at low levels the listening experience is wonderfully immersive.”  Ed Selly, Home Cinema Choice, August 2018.

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