Recensione di SCM12 Pro & P1 Pro su Sound on Sound

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Recensione di SCM12 Pro & P1 Pro su Sound on Sound

Phil Ward per la rivista Sound of Sound nel suo articolo scopre le qualità e le caratteristiche che fanno dei diffusori e amplificatori ATC un elemento imprescindibile in uno studio.

“Finding a path through all the conflicting constraints when designing a monitor is akin to making the pieces of a jigsaw fit together, and when you get it right, everything snaps into focus. The SCM12 Pro had that from the very start.”

“The foundation of the SCM12 Pro is its low-frequency performance: typically closed-box with its lack of overhang and reassuring security of pitch, whatever the volume level, but with the added quality that comes from driver engineering that’s a level or two above run-of-the-mill and can play surprisingly loud.”

“As you can probably tell, I really like the SCM12 Pro. I think it’s a genuinely fine nearfield monitor, and given the relatively low price for the level of engineering involved, it is something of a bargain.”

Phil Ward, Sound on Sound Magazine, September 2017.

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