Recensione SCM7: Hi-Fi Pig

Recensione SCM7: Hi-Fi Pig

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In conclusion, reviewer, Dan Worth found:

“I’ve not written a long review for a change.  This one is short and sweet – just like the 7s.  Combine the imaging of the old Proac Tablettes, the surprising bass of a Totem One and the enthusiasm of an old AE1.  Each of these speakers is renowned for having a special and memorable characteristic.  The diminutive ATC SCM7 seems to possess a good measure of each.  It’s one of those speakers that is so addictive and so unassuming that I think I’m going to have to buy a pair. They are like the cutest animal in the litter – the one you simply have to take home.  Over time their musical consistency, honesty and downright practicality are simply undeniable.  The thought of being without them has me reaching for a tissue.”


Emphatic, transparent, detailed presentation.

Solid imaging and strong dynamics.

Great build.


At this price, nothing.


Dan Worth, Hi-Fi Pig, February 2016.

To read the review in full please visit Hi-Fi Pig SCM7 Review

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