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    • ATC P4

       10.418,80 incl.VAT
      • 4-way mono block design.
      • ATC “Grounded Source Topology”.
      • 850W Class AB total output.
      • 4th order active crossovers with phase correction.
      • Soft limiting driver protection.
      • Triple fan cooling.
      • 6 year warranty.
      • Only available as part of an ATC active loudspeaker system.
    • ATC P6

       26.547,20 incl.VAT

      Dedicated amplifier for the EL150 but can be used with all ATC 3-way products with an ATC adaptor kit.

      • Dual-Mono 3-way design (total 6 channels).
      • 2 x 350W total output power (2x (200W LF, 100W MF, 50W HF)).
      • Ultra low noise discrete design throughout.
      • 3-way active crossovers with phase equalization.
      • Billet and extruded aluminium chassis construction.
      • 6 year warranty.

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