Milk Audio Store – We Ship Worldwide

We ship goods worldwide by selecting the transport company that can guarantee security, speed and performance in a competitive price.

Both for Italy and for international shipments we use all the major freight forwarders and we can ship in standard or express according to customer request mode.

On request we will provide all viable options to best suit your shipping needs.

M.i.l.k. snc is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft occurred during transport, or for any other damages resulting from delays or missed delivery.

Standard Shipping prices:

  • National Shipping (Italy, San Marino e Vatican): € 8,20 + vat
  • Europe International Standard: € 20 + vat (where applicable)
  • World Shipping starting from: €45.00 (see your final pricing on checkout)
  • Extra Big Size products shipping: add + € 60.00 for extra-size products

For national (inside Italy) orders higher than € 250 we provide free shipping.

All incoming and outgoing shipments are insured.

Note: Delivery time could be delayed for orders placed during Christmas and August the 15th weeks. Time could vary depending on the ordered items. Please, for an accurate estimate of delivery time during Christmas and holidays season write to

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