Modulo sonoro di organo con Drawbars

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Modulo sonoro di organo con Drawbars

The B4000+ packs the legendary Hammond B3 organ into an ultra compact box. Nobody would build a guitar without a neck, without it, it just will not work. That’s why we’ve developed the B4000+, with nine drawbars: to touch, to screw, but most important: to play!

Based on one of the best and most powerful digital signal processors on the market, the Sharc DSP by Analog Devices, the sound and warmth of the B3 has been carefully recreated down to the last detail – with all the electrical and mechanical inefficiencies that made the instrument a legend.

Just as the real organ with voluminous bass belly, defined mids and indispensable “scream” in the heights: the authentic sound of a living electromechanical B3.

The B4000+ simulates all 91 Tonewheels, if desired, with crosstalk, and mechanical wear. All of course fully polyphonic, with scanner vibrato, tube amp and reverb, and – not to forget – the legendary Leslie. Everything perfectly simulated and adjusted.

Only the weight of the original B3 we have reduced a bit.

Two keyboards can be directly connected to the MIDI ports of the B4000+ without a MIDI merger, for playing both the upper and lower manual. For a full featured B3 simulation, a pedal manual can added too, making up to three manuals that can be played simultanously, with full polyphony. A pedal can be added for external volume control, also a switch for sustain or rotary speed control. If only one keyboard is used, its still possible to play two manuals by using the internal split mode. MIDI data is also transferred via USB, to record the MIDI data to the sequencer, or for playback from sequencer.

External analog signals can be fed into the B4000+ by using the analog input plug. It will be merged with the B4000+ sound at any point of the effects chain.

The B4000+ is the perfect and highly affordable solution, if the legendary organ sound is needed in a pocket size format.

Specifiche Tecniche

Analog I/O
2/2 Channels

Headphone Output

2 x Input

USB 2.0
1 (for MIDI to host PC/Mac)

ARM Cortex M3 and Sharc DSP

Expression Pedal

Note: For pedal functionality Ferrofish recommend FC-7 pedal from Yamaha.

Sustain Switch

Power Supply
DC 12 V / 0,5 A

2,30 kg

B4000+ Module, Power Supply, Manual


  • 128x Preset di fabbrica inclusi
  • 3x  Inviluppi con attacco e decadimento regolabile
  • Suono autentico tramite modellazione di circuiti fisici
  • Emulazione di tone-wheel con parametro di invecchiamento regolabile
  • Emulazione Tube Amp con distorsione
  • Emulazione del key-click e del delay del contatto del tasto
  • Parametro percussione con armoniche, attacco e decadimento regolabili
  • Tuning globale FX: Rotary speaker, Chorus / Vibrato, Reverb, Compressor MIDI Key-split e Velocity
  • 2x Ingressi MIDI per il collegamento di due tastiere MIDI
  • 9x Drawbar
  • Ingresso analogico stereo (TRS da 6,3mm)
  • Uscita analogica stereo (TRS da 6,3mm)
  • Uscita cuffie
  • Display a colori TFT ad alta risoluzione
  • Ingresso USB per MIDI-over-USB
  • Dimensioni: 24,1 x 17,8 x 6,1 cm


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