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Hexinverter Mutant Hihats (Used)

Powerful dual HiHat generator

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Hexinverter Mutant Hihats (usato)

Powerful dual HiHat generator

Hexinverter Mutant Hihats is a powerful dual HiHat generator. The open and closed hihats that can be produced by the module are fed by the same sound source, a metallic noise, but function independentely. Instead of the internal sound source you can use the eternal input to use other sounds. Two hihats, an open one and a closed one are available. The open hihat has a voltage controllable decay parameter. Both instruments hava a drive parameter for overdriving the sound, so you can enerate smooth hihats but also deep fried crunchy ones. Both instruments pass a switchable resonant band pass filter with maually controlled idiosyncratic cutoff resonance control. A common accent CV input can be used for altering the hihats’ levels. The internal sound generator is bypassed when you insert an audio signal to the external input. This can be any other noise generator or any sound you would like to use for interesting percussive sounds. The Exclusive switch determines whether and how the hihats interact when triggered simultaneously, what creates interesting dynamics effects. In Fade mode the open hat’s decay envelope is shortened so the interaction of both hihats resembles that of a genuine drum set. In Exclusive mode the open hihat will be abruptly muted and sounds harder. In Off setting there is no influence. Instead of cheap VCA as used in old circuits, the Mutant Hihats uses modern OTA-based VCAs. ATTENTION: The module outputs very hot hifi signals (20V p-p)!


35 mm


13 hp

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