Intellijel Metropolis (Ex-Demo)

eight-step sequencer

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Intellijel Metropolis (Ex-Demo)

eight-step sequencer

Each of the eight steps gives you a number of assignable options: gate mode, pulse count skip/slide and pitch value. Single-click of a slide/skip button activates the TB303-ish slide with constant slide time, double click of this button skips the selected step from the sequence. PITCH sets the CV available at the Pitch output. PULSE COUNT sets the number of repetitions from 1 to 8. GATE MODE offers four modes how gates are generated: – hold: The gate output is held high for the number of clock pulses set by the pulse count switch for that step. – repeat: The gate output is repeatedly pulsed high based on the current step/div setting and the pulse count value for that stage. – single: The gate output is high for one clock pulse and then stays low for a time deter mined by the pulse count minus 1. e.g. if PULSE COUNT for that stage is ‘3’ then the gate output is high for 1 pulse and then low for 2. – rest: the gate is held low for the number of clock pulses set by the pulse count switch for that step. Besides the basic sequencer functions we find in the left hand side of the module a menu full of controls for the internal quantizer as well as clock dividers, running direction modes, swing and auxiliary functions voltage cotrolled with the AUX A and B inputs. The Metropolis has an integrated clock generator with clock output, but can be synched to external clock. Slide time and gate time are set manually with rotary controls. 18 buttons take care of transport function, clock selection, BPM mode with tap tempo, swing amount, quantization, directions, clock divide values. The AUX inputs can each control one of six assignable parameters like transpose, root note and time division. Saving and recalling settings is possible as well.


45 mm


34 hp

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