SPL Neos

Neos è la prima console di summing e monitoraggio basata sulla nostra tecnologia proprietaria da 120 V Rail.

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SPL Neos

Neos è la prima console di summing e monitoraggio basata sulla nostra tecnologia proprietaria da 120 V Rail.

120V Rail 24-Ch. Summing and Monitoring Console

Thus, the Neos was conceived with sound engineers that set great importance on artistic and musical production in mind and whose workflow does not rely primarily on undo and preset options. Nevertheless, the compact Neos can integrate seamlessly in computer-based environments providing the characteristic high-quality sound and handling of analog devices.

Neos is a 24 track mixer and/or summing device with stereo faders and panorama controls. It is the first product of this kind utilizing SPL’s proprietary 120V technology and thus delivers a unique sonic performance.

120V DC Audio Rail

If we consider that the basis of every circuit is directly related to a voltage/performance ratio, the operating voltage is crucial for the performance of any circuit. Given that audio technology is conceived to translate sound into voltage, doubling the formerly highest operating voltage available results in a great improvement, specially with regard to signal dynamics and the way they are processed.

Technically speaking, a wider dynamic range also means that the gap between the actual signal and other undesired signals, such as noise and distortion, is larger — in the case of the Neos console, for example, this results in not hearing any noises at all, regardless of the situation. Unique 120-volt operating voltage. In comparison with common production mixers, the Neos mixing and monitoring console uses four times as much operating voltage. A higher voltage results in better performance: over 30 dB of headroom at the input, more than 122 dB of dynamic range, 92 dB signal-to-noise ratio over all channels.


  • 24 channel summing console with faders and panorama controls
  • Input path with 100-mm ALPS faders, Pan controls, Mono, Cut, Solo, and “To Monitor Only” push buttons, signal LEDs
  • Master path with 100-mm ALPS faders, Inserts, Bend function (Limiting)
  • Comprehensive monitoring section with Volume control, Tape Mix (DAW return), as well as Mute, Dim and Mono push buttons
  • Cascadable/li>
  • Oversized signal traces, generous PCB layout for greater trace separation, star ground scheme, linear power supply

Specifiche Tecniche

Inputs & Outputs

  • Electronically balanced instrumentation amplifiers
  • Sockets: Inputs DB25/TASCAM, XLR; Outputs: XLR
  • Input Impedance: 10kOhm balanced; 20kOhm unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: 75Ohm balanced; 75Ohm unbalanced
  • Nominal Input Level: +4dBu
  • Maximum Input Level: › +30dBu (30dBu = limit of measuring equipment)
  • Maximum Output Level: › 24dBu


  • Frequency Range (-3dB): 10Hz to ›200kHz
  • Phase 1kHz: 0°, 10kHz: -4,5°, 20kHz: -8.30°
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: › 60dB (Rec. Out, Insert Send, Monitor A/B)

Total Harmonic Distortion

  • 10Hz Rec. Out: 0.0011%, Insert Send: 0.0011%, Monitor A/B: 0.0016%
  • 100Hz Rec. Out: 0,00060%, Insert Send: 0.0009%, Monitor A/B: 0.0016%
  • 1000Hz Rec. Out: 0.00090%, Insert Send: 0.0013%, Monitor A/B: 0.0020%
  • 5000Hz Rec. Out: 0.0032%, Insert Send: 0.003%, Monitor A/B: 0.004%
  • 10kHz Rec. Out: 0.0028%, Insert Send: 0.0018%, Monitor A/B: 0.0027%
  • 22kHz Rec. Out: 0.00054%, Insert Send: 0.00050%, Monitor A/B: 0.0005%

(Generator output 24dBu, inputs terminated with 40dBu)

Signal to Noise Ratio (all channels)

  • Rec. Out: 92dBu
  • Insert Send 92dBu
  • Monitor A/B: 88dB

(A-weighted, 22Hz – 22kHz, inputs terminated with 40dBu)

Dynamic range:

  • › 122dB

Power Supply

  • Linear power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Operational Voltage : +/- 60Volts (120 Volts)
  • Power Consumption (Standby, 230 Volts/50Hz): 0.420A, 75W, 97.8VA
  • Fuses: 230V AC/50Hz: 315 mA; 115V AC/60Hz: 630 mA
  • Voltage Selector: 115V/230V

Dimensions and Weight

  • Front panel including rack brackets: 19″/7U (483 x 310 mm)
  • Front panel without rack brackets: 440mm
  • Housing (W x H x D): 483 x 235 x 330mm, depth incl. sockets: 355mm
  • Weight: 14.1kg/ca. 31.08lbs
  • External Power Supply: W x H x D 154 x 67 x 236mm, weight: 3kg/6.61lbs
Analog Inputs


Formato Hardware



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