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Sputnik Modular Four-Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader

Delay effect module

Sputnik Modular
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Voltage controlled delay effect module with as many as four delay taps and an integrated 3-channel audio mixer. Beyond this we have tow voltage controlled cross faders you can use for making ping-pong delays when used with different delay taps and feedback orgies. In the first place we find the input section, consisting of three inputs with level controls. A red LED indicates clipping. In the Echo/Delay section the delay time is set (0.05s to 0.2s or the ten-fold in switch setting “x10”) by the big potentiometer and with a CV. There’s also a FM input but it’s function is not really cear to us… feedback modualtion maybe? We’ll see when the module will arrive here. Output wise you are blasted by EIGHT sockets: the two sockets t carry the signal which is delayed by the chosen delay time. The other sockets carry the quarter, half and three-quarter delay time signals. With this outputs alone and a stereo mixer module you can create directly ping-pong delays. As each delay tap is available twice you can easily patch teh outüuts back into the inputs and create feedbacks as desired – which explains the lack of a dedicated feedback control.
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