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Sputnik Modular Valve Multiplier

buffered multiple, six VCAs or as combinations of both

Sputnik Modular
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The VALVE MULTIPLIER features: 6 total inputs that can also be used as 6 VCA’s Inputs are normalled sequentially with buffers Inputs 1 and 2 include exponential CV inputs Inputs 3-6 include linear CV inputs Manual attenuator Inputs are normalled to +5v (VCA’s fully open until cv introduced) The SPUTNIK VALVE MULTIPLIER is a bank of six VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers) for voltage control of audio or CV signal levels. Channels 1 and 2 feature an exponential CV response and channels 3-6 have a linear response. Channel 6 features two inverted outputs, one from the output jack and one with an attenuator. Each input is also sequentially normalized, allowing a single input to be applied to multiple VCAs. IN Each VCA includes an inputs for signal and control voltage. All of the VCA channels are DC-coupled and will accept both audio and CV modulation signals. However, we do not recommend using the Valve Multiplier for purposes where an ultra high degree of precision is required, such as processing pitch CV. EXPONENTIAL AND LINEAR VCAs Channels 1 and 2 feature VCAs with exponential CV response and channels 3-6 have VCAs with a linear response. CV INPUTS Each channel accepts 0 to +5V CV signals. Unlike most VCAs, the Valve Multiplier’s CV inputs are normalized to +5V which will pass 100% of signal if no CV is applied. NORMALIZED INPUTS Signal inputs are sequentially normalized, so one input will pass signal to every VCA channel until interrupted by another connection. For example: If Input A is applied to Channel 1’s input and Input B is applied to Channel 4’s input then Input A will be able to be processed in parallel by Channels 1-3 and Input B will be able to be processed by the VCAs in Channels 4-6. OUT Outputs 1-6 are signal outputs for Channels 1-6. Channel 6’s two outputs are inverted and the “ATTEN” jack features an attenuated, inverted output.


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