Switchcraft 9625 - StudioPatch 9625 96 Patch points to DB25, with programmable grounds

Patchbay Bantam 96 I/O terminata con connettori DSub 25

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Switchcraft 9625 Studiopatch

Patchbay Bantam 96 I/O terminata con connettori DSub 25

StudioPatch® Series Bantam/TT Patchbays utilize Switchcraft’s EZ Norm technology, allowing the signal flow of each channel to be instantly modified from the front of the patchbay using a standard screwdriver. Now, all StudioPatch® Series Bantam/TT patchbays feature user programmable grounds, making it possible to customize each channel’s grounding scheme with the flip of a switch. US Patent #7824201 B2. Switchcraft’s 9625 StudioPatch is designed to fit seamlessly into either an analog or digital studio environment. The 9625 StudioPatch simply connects to I/O interfaces with common DB25 cables. The StudioPatch 9625 is conveniently laid out with two groups of 24 channels of TT (Bantam) jacks. Each group of eight has its own in and out DB25. Depending on your studio’s normaling requirements, the StudioPatch 9625 has changeable normals by the turn of a household flathead screwdriver. For each of the 48 channels these normaling positions can be set to either full normal, half normal, or non-normal modes. And yes, you can pass phantom power to your condenser microphones with the StudioPatch 9625. A 1′ black TT patch cable is included with purchase.
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