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    KLOTZ AIS is an international company with a wealth of long-standing experience in manufacturing and assembling innovative copper and optical fibre cables. Since the outset, our goal has always been to develop products of outstanding quality at fair prices.
    Today Klotz is global leaders in the design, production and marketing of audio, video, multimedia and fibre-optic cables. Their cables are used in recording studios, television broadcasting companies, theatres, stadiums and arenas – and musicians from dedicated amateurs to top international stars also play with KLOTZ AIS Cables on stages all over the world.
    All their innovative high-quality products are developed in-house – without exception. Far-sighted, future-oriented ideas continuously generate new products that are always one step ahead of today’s requirements.
    They establish direct and ongoing dialogue between our R&D and Product Management departments and the users of our products. As a result, they are thoroughly familiar with exactly where and how our cables are put into use. With their teams of highly qualified expert staff, they are able to design products that exactly match our customers’ needs – with precision and speed.
    Highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art production systems, optimized logistics and streamlined standardized processes all play their part in ensuring the outstanding quality of KLOTZ AIS products.
    They use top-quality materials and monitor our manufacturing processes continuously. These proven production processes and our three-tier quality inspection procedures enable to guarantee that all KLOTZ AIS products fulfil the highest standards.

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