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Learn about the warranty offered by Milk Audio Store on your products

Milk Audio Store guarantees the Customer from the malfunctions of the purchased products, both for new and used goods according to the following criteria:

New products purchased from Milk Audio Store

For private customers (“consumers”) the warranty has a validity of two years, as regulated by the Consumer Code, precisely in Part IV, Title III, Chapter I, in articles 128 to 135;

For legal persons, entities other than natural persons with non-profit purposes (associations, foundations, committees, schools and universities), individuals qualifying as "professionals" or entrepreneurs (including sole proprietorships) who enter into a contract for professional/entrepreneurial purposes, the guarantee is valid for one year.

Extensions of guarantee

In the event that the manufacturer guarantees the product for a longer period, the customer will in all cases be responsible for the labor and shipping costs of the material, but not for the costs of spare parts. In addition, when possible and at its own discretion, Milk Audio Store can support the Customer thanks to its own service laboratory thus speeding up the repair operations.

Used purchased from Milk Audio Store

Instruments, signal processors and microphones are guaranteed for three months from the date of purchase.
Milk Audio Store warranty on used equipment excludes normal wear and tear of switches, potentiometers, and does not include light bulbs, displays, microphone capsules and speakers, which the customer must verify at the time of purchase or upon receipt of the goods.
Under no circumstances are cosmetic aspects covered by the warranty.

Additional information

Warranty is always understood to be ex our office in Rome, so any shipping costs will always be charged to the Customer.

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