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    Make Noise was founded in 2008 by Tony Rolando, a self-taught electronic musical instrument designer who got started by obsessively reading amateur radio books at the public library, building electronics for artists, such as the light controlled mixer for Simon Lee's "Bus Obscura," working for Moog Music, and playing in bands for many years. After 3 years of isolation on a mountain top he founded Make Noise.

    What started as a re-visioning of jettisoned music technology has grown into a crew of folks working together in Asheville, NC, to design and build some pretty strange, but thoughtful modular synthesizers. Make Noise see its instruments as a collaboration with musicians who create once in a lifetime performances that push boundaries and play the notes between the notes to discover the unfound sounds. Make Noise Modules has to be an experience, one that will require people to change their trajectories and thereby impact the way they understand and imagine sound.

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