Arcaico Gorgone

Analogue multi-effect built in THT technology which includes VCA, VCF, distortion and delay.

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In stock.
Last unit in stock, hurry up!

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Arcaico Gorgone

Analogue multi-effect built in THT technology which includes VCA, VCF, distortion and delay.

GORGONE is the analogue multi-effect in eurorack format, built in THT technology with passive welded “point-to-point” components, composed of 4 sections (VCA, VCF, distortion, delay) connected internally and also usable separately.
The input section is composed of an integrated VCA with the addition of a booster.
HPG (High Pass Gate): by activating the switch, the higher frequencies are cut as the input volume of the distortion increases.
The VCF section features a 12dB / oct SteinerParker multi-mode filter (LP-BP-HP) with a resonance range ranging from 160 / 170Hz to 2.8 / 3.0Khz.
The CV control on the frequency and the resonance that allows the self-oscillation give the possibility to use the filter also as VCO.
The DISTORTION section is inspired by the MXR M-104 distortion: the cv control on the DRIVE and an output amplifier allow high levels of distortion without loss of volume.
The DELAY section is a digital / analogue hybrid that reproduces the classic Vintage BBD / ECHO TAPE delay.
Delay time: min 0.05ms and max 1.1 sec.
The CV control on the delay time gives the possibility to create unpredictable repetitions, while the loop on / off switch “freezes” and loops the last repetition. The feedback is characterized by a switch that gives the possibility to darken or lighten the repetitions.


  • 24 HP
  • 105 mA +12V
  • 38 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 50 mm deep

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