Frap Tools Brenso

Primary analog source of articulated waveforms.

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SKU: 47765
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Frap Tools BRENSO – Entangled Sound Sources (Eurorack Oscillator)
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SKU: 47765 Categories: , ,
SKU: 47765

Frap Tools Brenso

Primary analog source of articulated waveforms.

Brenso is Frap Tools’ primary analog source of articulated waveforms whose degree of entanglement can be precisely set by the musician.

Its concept developed from a reflection on the very meaning of the word ‘complex,’ which comes from the Latin verb plector, literally meaning ‘to braid’, or ‘to weave.’ The purpose of Brenso is to update the usual approach to ‘complex oscillator’ by offering many threads to be woven together, rather than a pre-defined plait of controls and waveforms: this to improve clarity, manageability and offer more sonic options to the artist.

Brenso consists of three sections: two for sound generation (yellow and green), and one for sound processing (white and red).

The generation sections allow control over the two triangle-core oscillators, which can be modulated from external sources and can modulate each other’s frequency too. The frequency modulation can be any combination of exponential and/or linear thru zero.

The processing section is composed of a waveshaping section (white) and a last stage of amplitude modulation (red): the first provides further degrees of modulation using two parallel wave-shapers and includes PWM, blends these two with a mixer and everything is passed into a wave folder with symmetry control and a dedicated clock input with shapeable nonlinear behavior.

The result of this is passed into an amplitude modulation section (red) which can be unbalanced (AM) or balanced (RM).

The white section modulations inputs are semi-normalled by a timbre bus, which is semi-normalled to the green sine wave.

By default, the green oscillator modulates the yellow one through an internal semi-normalization, which, however, can be ‘broken’ anywhere throughout the routing according to the musician’s needs.


  • Two analog ‘thru-zero’ triangle-core oscillators
  • Coarse frequency lock function per oscillator
  • Eight waveform outputs, four per oscillator
  • Linear ‘Thru-Zero’ Frequency Modulation (TZFM)
  • Independently mixable Linear and Exponential FM per oscillator
  • Flip Sync (the green oscillator can be sync’ed to the yellow one)
  • Lock Sync on both oscillators
  • Balanced or unbalanced modulation (AM / RM)
  • Original timbre shaping section
  • Explicit signal flow

Size: 30HP
Depth: 38mm


Power Requirements

  • TBA mA +12V idle
  • TBA mA -12V idle

38 mm



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