Soma Laboratory LYRA-8 (Blue)

Synthesizer based on eight generators is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO, it resemble generators in old electric organs.

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  • 8 Voices
  • Each voice is freely tunable and within a wide range
  • Triange/Square waveform mix and adjustable FM modulation per voice pair
  • AD envelope per voice with slow and fast response time
  • Hyper LFO for vibrato- and delay modulation
  • Switchable feedback path
  • Mod delay with 2 delay lines and LFO modulation
  • Drive knob with wet/dry controller
  • Can be played via 2 metal contacts per voice
  • 8 Oscillators
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Soma Laboratory LYRA-8 (Blue)

Synthesizer based on eight generators is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO, it resemble generators in old electric organs.

The Lyra-8 is a performance-oriented, fully analog drone synthesizer with very organic sound. The instrument features eight oscillators, which can be used separately or stacked to FM voices. For further sound design, there are the Hyper LFO, a superbly sounding Mod Delay and a beefy distortion circuit. Thanks to touch surfaces, the Lyra-8 can be played expressively. – A unique, very inspiring musical instrument.

LYRA-8 is based on eight generators, which will be referred to as voices. Their design is not like a traditional subtractive synthesis VCO. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependency on control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. Hence the use of the term “voices” instead of “VCOs”. Lyra uses non-linearity a lot, and the voices are constructed in such a way that allows for non-linearity to express itself.

The voices are divided into four pairs (12, 34, 56, 78). All the pairs are divided in two groups, with two pairs in each (1234, 5678), creating tree-like structure.

The voices can function either in an electric organ mode or in an FM synthesis mode with each of the voices and its envelope acting as a separate FM operator. The voice’s impact on FM synthesis will decrease along with the decay of its envelope.

LYRA-8 also has the next blocks:

The HYPER LFO is a complex low-frequency generator, whose waveform is synthesized from two simple LFOs by summation or multiplication of their frequencies. It also has a sync mode. The LFO can modulate the selected pairs of voices and the MOD DELAY.

The MOD DELAY consists of two lines of delay with cross-feedback and a special architecture that enables resonance between the two lines. Each line’s delay time can be individually modulated from various sources, including external ones. The delay has a unique possibility of self-modulation where the output signal modulates the delay sample rate, creating cool effects.

The DISTORTION is last in the chain, after the delay. It enables the delay to also influence the distortion.

For all its experimental character, LYRA is a professional instrument. Its output dynamics and frequency response are balanced and ready for a live performance or studio recording without any additional processing.


Max output voltage: 2 v 0-to-peak
Output connector: mono 6.3 mm TS or TRS (balanced) jack
Output resistance: 100 Ohm
EXT IN: 1 v 0-to-peak
EXT IN connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
HOLD GATE: full HOLD volume +5 V
HOLD GATE connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
CV DELAY: unipolar, range of 0 to +5 volt
CV DELAY: 6.3 mm TS jack
CV VOICES: unipolar, range of 0 to +5 volt
CV VOICES connector: 6.3 mm TS jack
Power supply: stabilised, +12 V, 0.2 A, centre positive
Power Consumption: 2 watt
Dimensions: 266 x 266 x 62 mm
Weight (without power supply and packaging): 2.5 kg


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