TipTop Audio ModFX (White)

Module with 3 banks of modulation effects

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  • 3 banks: chorus, flanger, and filter each with 8 programs
  • Flanger bank constraints Karplus, Haas, and resonator effects
  • Filter bank is all-pass based and contains phaser, vocal format, and filter-based panning effects
  • Stereo outputs for wide, spacial sounds
  • Fidelity control lets you adjust quality for warbling, lofi effects
  • CV controls over all parameters
  • Input control knob
  • Dry/wet mix knob
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SKU: 56525
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SKU: 56525 Categories: , ,
SKU: 56525

TipTop Audio ModFX (White)

Module with 3 banks of modulation effects

ModFX offers three banks of modulations effects from classic stomp box and rack effects to more experimental processing not found in any other hardware. One of the strengths of this module is the creative ways it moves static mono sources into expansive stereo sound fields.

The Chorus bank has effects essential to electronic music production. Many classic synths like the Solina or Juno series used chorus as part of their trademark sounds. While Chorus is often a subtle process the widens and deepens the source sound – one that you almost don’t notice until it’s turned off – these eight programs include some more esoteric options that can create wobbly ambiences or deep detuned rooms particularly when combined with the Fidelity control.

Flange effects come from the modulation of very short delay times and this bank expands on that to include Karplus and Resonant pitch effects and panning using the Haas effect. Programs like the Chord Resonator can turn percussive tracks into harmonic material and the Haas panning creates wide stereo spreads without pitch or amplitude modulation.

ModFX’s Filter bank doesn’t have the typical high and low pass options common to synths and instead features a set of highly modulated and unusual filtering options. Programs include a couple of vintage inspired all pass filter based phasers, filter based panning and some vocal formant options.


  • 8HP
  • Depth: 40mm / 1,5″
  • +12V 100mA
    -12V 20mA

40 mm



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