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GLA-OC1 Governor - a new, versatile, compressor by Gainlab Audio

Published on 22/12/2023

Very interesting news from Gainlab Audio! The GLA-OC1 Governor is a dual-channel optical compressor with a tube circuit.

Thanks to its advanced and original functions, it represents a step forward in dynamics management based on optical devices.

The GLA-OC1 collects the experience gained by the Gainlab Audio research team and synthesizes it in this new device.

Dual slope diagramDual slope diagram

Here you can find an improved version of the Double Threshold technology, already used in the Bishop's dual slope optical compressor and the Tube Boost function already present in the Empress equalizer.

GLA-OC1 GovernorGLA-OC1 Governor

Thanks to this feature, the Governor's sound can be highly flexible, ranging from that of classic optical levelers to an aggressive sound never heard before.

Check it out at Milk Audio Store!

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