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SSL releases System T for immersive sound

Published on 16/05/2023

SSL announces that the System T, the next generation music production platform, is now optimized for immersive music.

Solid State Logic is considered a pioneer in surround sound production technology, continually innovating and designing mixing consoles that allow engineers to push the boundaries of what is considered possible.

System T continues this trend, combining the legacy of SSL with the next generation of production tools needed to handle immersive music quickly, efficiently and with amazing sound.

System T bridges the gap between DAW and controller allowing you to work as with a traditional console.

System T at Mansion Sound

Its combination of state-of-the-art digital audio management and advanced production workflows, including Dolby Atmos, is complemented by SSL's legendary production tools optimized for immersive music production, providing immersive signal paths and multi-format objects.

SSL dynamics and EQs are available on every channel and bus, along with 3D panning, DAW control, dynamic automation, Dante integration and a built-in effects rack.

Complementing System T's immersive production toolkit is a market-leading monitoring section, providing up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring.

System T is the next-generation production platform that empowers sound engineers to excel at producing cutting-edge music while generating immersive content that stands out from the competition.

Immersive mixing has never been easier on a console. System T is configured for multiple immersive audio formats including Dolby Atmos Music, especially with 7.1.2 beds. Individual formats are configurable up to 7.1.4.

A full monitor section provides up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring with 2x24-way external source selectors and a renderer insert point.

Included as standard are multi-channel Effects Rack modules with 7.1.2 bus compressors.

3D panning is comprehensive and intuitive, with both XYZ and rotational Theta modes.

Integrated object control is provided for panner plug-ins that run in DAWs. The compressor and gate bus links allow batch processing on discrete objects.

A dedicated LFE management function simplifies signal flows.

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