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Enjoy Electronics at Roma Modulare 2022

Published on 07/06/2023

Enjoy Electronics is a young Italian company born from a passion for music, technology and design.

The Company is dedicated to designing, building and introducing innovative, inspiring and high-performance audio solutions for artists, producers, musicians and live DJs.

The stand of Enjoy Electronics at Roma Modulare 2022

We met them at Roma Modulare 2022.

Their best-known product is the REmindEЯ, a multi-effect audio processor with instant access to all parameters.

Aesthetically very nice, it is comfortable and intuitive. It is meant to be used in live performance but it is able to stimulate extremely creative results even in the studio.

The REmindEЯ offers unique functions that are not reproduced with any other configuration or instrument on the market.

The latest creation from Enjoy Electronics is The Godfather, a 4-channel semi-modular audio processor with a wide range of effects and modulations.

The Godfather is so interesting that it was able to fully fund the requested amount on Indiegogo in 19 minutes.

It is a device capable of processing 4 audio channels separately through mixers, equalizers, compressors, saturators and boosting effects.

It stimulates creativity both in the studio and live thanks to its multiple independent delays, capable of generating electrifying grooves, surprising rhythmic weaves and intricate polyrhythms.

Let's see the interesting commercial made for The Godfather which we will discuss in more detail below:


RemindeЯ is a very powerful multi-effect with a strong ability to stimulate creativity.

Its sophisticated retro-futuristic soul and its processing power give it the ability to expand on the way we've seen effects (Echo Space, Delay, Filter, and Reverb) so far.

RemindeЯ can transform any signal (even monophonic) into a powerful, expressive and immersive stereo or quadraphonic experience.

RemindeЯ the first multi-effect from Enjoy Electronics

REmindEЯ is divided into several sections:

  • Filter
  • Power delay
  • Mixer
  • Reverb
  • LFO

The Filter module is designed to cut both low and high frequencies, depending on whether the knob is turned clockwise or counterclockwise.

In the central position (the potentiometer has a notch at 0) the filter is disabled.

Power Delay offers two independent delay lines, one for each channel (left and right).

The Delay tempo is synchronized to the Global Tempo. The Left and Right switches set the divisions (in Beats) relative to the Global tempo, alternating between Note and Triplet values.

The Double Pulse Delay section allows the user to add two further repeat lines over the main delay repeats.

The Mixer allows to balance the original signal, Delay and Double Pulse Delay contributions.

The Reverb is dense and full of expressive capabilities which are further increased through the LFO capable of modulating the effects, filter and amplifier gain.

See it in action in the video below:

The Godfather

The Godfather is the first creative multi-channel audio processor with a dual soul.

It is a semi-modular device that seamlessly integrates with the Moog synthesizers of the semi modular series but it is also compatible with any other modular system.

The Godfather

The Godfather offers four independent channels, each equipped with a chain of five effects: saturation, delay, double-pulse delay, reverb and filter.

Each effect has a dedicated control and can be modulated by two internal LFOs or four external CV inputs.

The Godfather also allows to control the dynamics of individual channels via a side-chain compressor, add ambience and depth with a wide stereophonic reverb and synchronize the device with the rest of the setup via MIDI or CV Clock.

It has a large OLED display and numerous LEDs that provide immediate and precise visual feedback on the various functions, allowing to focus on the creative aspect even in the most challenging lighting situations.

The Godfather is a product made with the attention to detail typical of the Made in Italy, using high quality potentiometers, aluminum knobs, sturdy finishes and side panels in selected wood.

See it in action on four separate tracks in the video below:

All functions and parameters have been carefully analyzed to design the interface trying to stay on the "one knob per function" paradigm. The device is aimed at both studio and stage performance.

The visual feedback provided by The Godfather is extremely helpful and intuitive.

Despite the great complexity of the processing, The Godfather is surprisingly simple to use.

As mentioned, the device has four processing channels and an aesthetic similar to the Moog semi modular devices (Mother 32, Subarmonicon, DFAM).

It seemed natural to the guys from Enjoy Electronics to propose a support that allows the integration of 4 60Hp Moog modules with the multi-effect.

N Rack 5 does just that and, for those who use the Godfather, it seems to be a very interesting accessory.

N Rack 5


At the event the guys from Enjoy Electronics were dressed like in The Godfather presentation video that we saw above. Even the stand recalled the setting.

Very open to demonstrations and technical explanations, they also illustrated their devices in one of the workshops of the event.

Enjoy Electronics workshop at Roma Modulare 22

Interesting (Italian) company and excellent quality products. Don't lose sight of them!!

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