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Morph Modular at Roma Modulare 2022

Published on 26/04/2023

All the Eurorack modules, from every brand and for every application, have one thing in common: they all need a case and a power supply to function and, very often, to be moved around the venues for gigs.

This is what the Morph designer would have realized to decide to start preparing a state of the art Eurorack case.

From the feeling that we have had while talking to them at Roma Modulare 2022 we can say that this is just the beginning.

They claim that Morph is the new frontier of modular music universe exploration. The idea is to deliver high quality products, designed by musicians, engineers and enthusiasts.

Sputnik is for musicians on the move as it optimizes portability while providing solid electrical and mechanical features to support every gig.

Sputnik Features

Clever design and top notch materials and components are the key for a good design.

Morph Modular Sputnik as shown in Roma Modulare 2022

Sputnik consists of two (equivalent to 6U) rows. Each of them is 104 Hp wide so there is plenty of space to host a quite rich module set.

The ultra-lightweight Eurorack rails are made of black anodized aluminum. Mounting modules use threaded M3 strips.

Folding plates allow the case to tilt at 104 degrees for optimal access.

The power supply does not get any space in the front panel so all the 104 Hp are accessible. It delivers 100W of power along three lines at +12 V, -12 V and +5 V.

A total of 72 angled output shrouded headers (24 filtered and 48 direct) are available to connect modules.

Overvoltage protection on PSU is active on each busboard.

The system uses high quality shock resistant "Push to Connect" terminals.

The power supply is provided with a unique LC filtering circuit to minimize noise.

The top of the unit can hold two USB detachable lamps that drains power from the 5V line.

Available Kits: 12U & 6U - 104HP

Thanks to an unique bridge system the case can be used in two configurations: 6U and 12U, using only one power supply and power brick. The entire 12U can be folded even if fully patched with enough room (if needed) for stackable eurorack cables.

The unit complies with airline carry-on restrictions and fits within Ryanair/Easyjet carry-on allowed dimensions (55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm).

Morph Modular Sputnik folded

The case is made of 6061 aluminum alloy.

Circular carrying handles, with a diameter of 28mm, are designed for a perfect grip during transport.

With the 104HP unit the power supply delivers the 100W with an output ripple noise below 15 mVpp over a 20 MHz bandwidth.

The output voltages and currents are: +12 V at 5 A, -12 V at 2,5 A and +5 V at 2 A. So there is plenty of clean power to feed your modules.

The weight is 5,7 Kg and the dimensions are 335x198x550 mm. The module depth is 66 mm (45 mm above the power supply).

Closing thoughts

A Eurorack case with a proper power supply does not make any sound or noise.

Having said that, the need for a safe case and a reliable power is quite clear to anyone who uses to gig in several venues as well as to those who safely keep their own gear in the studio.

If the case also keeps things compact and allows for keeping the cables patched, nothing else needs to be required.

Sputnik is a good start from Morph Modular. Let's see what is going on next.

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