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Nono Modular at Roma Modulare 2022

Published on 12/04/2023

Nono is a product line for eurorack modules aimed at finding functional solutions for modular systems where the human-machine relationship is the focal point of the design.

The final goal is to improve playability, instrument focus and transportability.

The product line is designed to meet the needs of musicians who travel a lot and therefore need compact, foldable cases, which give the most while taking up little space.

Nono stand at Roma Modulare 2022

The Company is located in Italy (Brianza) which is one of the the manufacturing centers of the best Italian design.

Great care, high quality material and top level craftsmanship are the ingredients put in the recipe by Nono Modular to provide outstanding tools for producers and musicians.

We had the chance to meet Nono Modular at Roma Modulare 2022 where we had the opportunity to talk about their philosophy and their products.

Let’s take a closer look.

Products: EBE

EBE is a studio case system with an essential and elegant design that can be used either in crowded home studios as well as in exigent professional studios.

EBE studio system consists of two elements:

  • basic module 2x84hp (104hp available too)
  • boomerangs (solid wood side panels) to bind two basic modules.
EBE by Nono Modular

EBE is a project based on simplicity and it is designed to adapt to several situations.

The basic module is light and easy to handle. Two modules can be bound together using the side panels (boomerangs).

The assembly has the appearance of a classic solid wood studio case. The advantage is that it can be either disassembled (for shipping) or expanded (to house more synths).

Thanks to fixing slots in the back, the basic module can be hung to the wall.

The rubber feet can be unscrewed by hand and become the anchor point to quickly fasten two basic module cases next to each other.

An interesting feature of EBE is the 4hp compartment on one side. This feature helps in two ways:

  • allows for the installation of a power module without using useful front space and taking away the power supply cable
  • alternatively it works as a port to connect among several EBEs if, for instance, internal power suppliers are fitted into the unit

The final result looks clean, robust and effective.

Products: Lander Two

Lander Two is a 3x 84hp rows or 3X104HP rows foldable Eurorack case.

It also has a padded space for storing cables, power bricks, spring tanks and accessories.

The new version is built using Aluminum and Valchromat.

It is a robust and foldable while patched unit. Built with new materials and high-quality mechanics.

Lander Two by Nono Modular

Even if inspired by the design of old, glorious synths, Lander has an innovative design now even more performing with the use of aluminum for the chassis.

The idea is to provide a 1 Row skiff with a vertical 2 Rows case. The vertical case is tilted for optimal alignment of the modules. The whole case can be folded to travel.

The design includes the charm of old lab machines, cast into the future, and the beauty of an object designed to be both useful and efficient.

Space age e rationalism in modular Eurorack format. Good job!

Products: Rover Two

Rover Two is a foldable mini case with Drum Pads on the lid. It can hold modular up to 1x60hp Row.

Small format to gather ideas and selected modules to make it happen.

It is then suitable for a mini modular setup.

Folder Two by Nono Modular

Two piezo pads are mounted on the lid for tricks and percussive effects. A small device for agile moon landings.

Products: ARA Bag

ARA is a Bag to carry either the Lander or the Orbiter in the name of ecology, designed in collaboration with the Italian brand 959.

ARA Bag by Nono Modular

The shoulder strap, the handels and internal structure are made with recycled seatbelts.

The external fabric, called Pignatex, is a special ecological material made from pineapple leaf fibers.

Resistant, shockproof and waterproof can be available in 84hp and 104hp versions.

Artist relationships: Diego Lazzarin

Interestingly enough, at the Nono’s stand, there was also a copy of Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order. A comic novel by Diego Lazzarin.

Also here (as we did talking about other modular tools manufacturers) we have found a kind of relationship between technical solutions and artistic experience.

Aminoacid boy by Diego Lazzarin

As stated by Daniele Fermerò in LÖPÇÜK webzine: “Lazzarin in this volume relaunches an idea of ​​entertainment that cancels the divisions between “high” and lowbrow culture at its source. In fact, Aminoacid Boy… owes its success as much to the apparently linear, but very rich and peculiar, graphic and visual sector, as to the real narrative and “linguistic” drifts that it carries in its heart.”

This could be the same approach of mixing different cultures that has been so pervasive in the world of modular synthesis, the difference being using texts and images instead of sounds and noise.

Let’s think about it and see you in the next post!

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