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4MS Stereo Triggered Sampler

top-class tool for recording, processing and playing back audio material

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The Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS) is a top-class tool for recording, processing and playing back audio material. The module can not only handle short sound snippets and loops, but recordings with a length of several hours as well. Data is stored on a micro-SD card. The circuit’s sample management is remarkably intuitive. For reproducing audio files, there are two well-equipped stereo players. CV inputs allow users to modulate lots of parameters. In short: A very flexible, great sounding sampler for modular setups. The Stereo Triggered Sampler features two audio players and a simultaneously usable recording section. Data is stored on a micro-SD card. The module can manage up to 600 samples. They are organized in banks with ten storage slots each. Renaming existing files isn’t necessary. One sample can have a size of up to 4 GB, which equals a playback time of more than six hours. (Stereo format, 16 Bit and 44.1 kHz) The STS can read WAV files with a resolution of up to 32 Bit and 96 kHz. Micro-SD cards are hot-swappable. The audio players of the STS come equipped with the following connectors and control elements: Bank button: Selects a sample bank. Sample potentiometer and CV input: Selects which sample within the chosen bank is played back. 1V/Oct input: CV connector for determining the playback pitch via a keyboard or sequencer. Play button and trigger input: These elements start the audio playback. End Out connector: Emits a trigger signal after the playback is finished. Pitch potentiometer: Allows users to manually alter the pitch. (Range: -4 to +5 octaves) Start Pos. Potentiometer and CV input: Determines the start position within the selected sample. Reverse button and trigger input: Switches between two playback modes. (Forward / backwards) Length potentiometer and CV input: Sets the playback time respectively the loop end point. Depending on knob position and incoming CV values, the STS behaves in one or another way: Length < 1 %: Tiny grains are played. Length < 50 %: A percussive decay envelope is applied to sculpt the sound. Length > 50 %: 200 milliseconds to five seconds of the selected sample is played. Length at max: The entire file is played back. Furthermore, each player section features an audio output. The connectors can be used in two ways: Mono mode: Each audio player mixes left and right channel. Results can be tapped at the corresponding output. Stereo Mode: The audio material of both players is mixed. The resulting stereo signal is emitted at the outputs. (Player 1 = Left channel / Player 2 = Right channel) The record section of the Stereo Triggered Sampler comes equipped with two audio inputs (left / right). Users can choose between a resolution of 16 Bit and 24 Bit. The sample rate is fixed at 44.1 kHz. – At least for the moment. A 96 kHz mode might be added in the future. Bank and sample control elements allow users to select a storage slot. Recordings can be started via the Rec button or a trigger input. A LED visualizes the level of incoming audio material. The Firmware can be updated via micro-SD card. MISCELLANEOUS The Stereo Triggered Sampler comes with a 32 GB micro-SD card, filled with more than 200 audio files. CONNECTORS Per player: 1V per octave input Two trigger inputs (Play, Reverse) Trigger output (End Out) Three CV outputs (Length, Start Pos, Sample) Audio output Recording section: Two audio inputs (left / right) Record trigger input DIMENSIONS 3U Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, 25 mm in depth


25 mm


20 hp

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